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The longer I live, the more I realized
Will influence attitudes in the life

Attitude is more important than knowledge, rather than money, than an opportunity, rather than failures, than successes, than whatever may be said or done somebody.

Attitude is more important
than appearance, gift, or skill.
The most amazing thing is we have the option to generate the attitude we have on that day.

We can not change the past
We can not change people's behavior
We can not change what would happen

One thing we can change
is one thing we can control, and that is our attitude.

I am increasingly convinced that life is
10 percent of what is actually happening to us, and 90 percent is how we deal with it attitude.

Finally: All the choice lies in your hands, there is no IF or BUT. You're the driver. You decide ... YOUR WAY OF LIFE!

We are a Limited Time

A friend said: "Time is not unlimited - but our time is limited"

Sometimes we are too preoccupied with things that are so trivial that we forgot to finish the great task that has been waiting for us to resolve. Try again you audit what you have done in 1 (one) month, there may be some things that should be resolved quickly at the beginning or middle of the month.

Most humans are bound to be so many things missing from all of us.

I was given a very good tips by a book ... and this has been proven. These tips are very simple and sometimes you underestimate. Look: to complete a task, before you go to sleep, try to write down 5 things that you will finish tomorrow. Then you simply go to sleep after it wrote down 5 things.

and prove the following morning. Okay, do not comment on - it did and make a comment here after you get the proof.

I'll Still Love You

I love you because you're human
But if you arbitrary executions to the human
I'm going against you
Because I'm human

I love you because you're human
But if you fight against people
I'm going to jinx
Because I'm human

I love you because you're human
But if you destroy humanity
I will fight you
Because I'm human

I'll still love you
Because you're still human
Because I'm human